Online Trading training program

Online classes

Art of Crypto Trading (English) and Art of Visual Trading (Tamil) both available NOW online , to get instant access to both the program , confirm your payments through telegram. Though its mentioned 48 hrs here (to mentally prepare you to complete the program, actually the program is available till you complete fully, as your progress is monitored)

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For live updates during market hours , join our telegram group by clicking here.

Payments can be made by PhonePe or Google Pay or Paytm or whatsapp payment at 9790985932 or UPI anbutrading@upi

You can send money using this BHIM QR or using my UPI ID anbutrading@upi. Use BHIM or any other UPI App to make transactions.

If making payments by Credit Card then click here.

August month onwards all training is through Online recorded videos. Two days (actually one week set by default) of access is given to make you watch FULL recordings at a stretch. If given unlimited access the data shows that 97% wont be completing the full program. In order to make you complete the FULL recordings this limited access is given.

All those who attended LIVE programs earlier where requesting to attend the program again , those VT members can avail a special price of Rs. 999 for same 48 hrs access.

Once payments made , confirm me through telegram here. Access link will be sent by email. Enjoy your trading lessons NOW more clear and louder. You wont miss out anything. Happy Learning and Trading!

Follow up LIVE sessions for clarifications will be done regularly on weekends on request. (4PM as usual)

What People Say

Good evening sir,
Before your seminar I never complete my week in profit for the past one year.
Last week I attended your seminar, today first time ever I completed the week in profit. I did only 12 trades in this week I booked profit in all 11 trades. All my trades are in a short period of time but I reached the exact targets. The one trade I lost because I didn’t follow the golden rule given by you. Your program is an eye opening one for me.
Thank you very Anbu sir

Dharmaraj, Singapore

A month back i have no idea about trading… After your 4hour training and with the help of VT magic,my perceptions about trading has been changed.Now I have started to earn. In a span of a month,i have earned 2 lakh++++ .

Without you and VT magic, i am very very sure, this magic wouldn’t have happened. Thank you very much na.

Anand Kumar , Coimbatore

Never imagine this much profit will come!

Vallinayagam , srivilliputtur

Let’s build something together.