Month: January 2020

Pump and Dump – News based age old price movement



Certain vested interests groups act in coercion for sudden price movements in stocks. In our Telegram group we have setup automated News bot to post latest news. One such news was related to Indian Hotels and the scrip immediately reacted to whims and fancies of few who wished to play with ignorant or innocent Investors. These Traders or Investors all go by News and still they believe that prices move for News. The reality is totally otherwise. Stock dances to the tunes of certain BIG brothers who know that gullible traders fall prey for news and get them trapped. This happens day in and day out. One such classic example is todays news on INDHOTEL.


Jan 1 its your day… Traders!

Have been in Markets from 1998. Full time from 2002 to 2006 and it’s been a heavy learning during these years trading for Institutions.  During those period had chance to interact with TOP Brokers who move the markets to their tunes in their own way.

One important message I got is, its on the very first day of any New Year they see all the retail traders as Wealth God, like Goddess Lakshmi. The one who gives them the money for the whole year. True right?!

On this special day the morale of the retail traders are boosted by showering them with money and only money. All retail traders can make money so easily on this special day, the very first day and the only day where retail traders all can make money by going LONG or SHORT. Its your Day the only day you are free to play

Traders be ready. Its your Day!

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This is a tradition and unwritten rules followed all these years. For Gods sake don’t play BIG , you will not be spared even on special days. Hope , you got the message clear. Play safe and wish you all a wonderful year ahead.

Happy Trading and Investing!