Day: December 26, 2019

Why Commodities trade in GREEN at year end?

Its Hedge Funds that rule the International Commodity market. Fund Managers will be on long weekend holidays during Christmas , New Year period . Its a onetime opportunity for Interns to do some real trade. Mostly in 9 out of 10 year period Commodity markets will trade in green as its a easy play for Interns to make a BUY n SELL trade. And this year too it continues unlike last year.

Indian Commodities 2019 year end.

MAGIC of VT3.0

When the whole world recommends SELL one of our patrons who run MAGA Calls have predicted perfectly CRUDE to be bullish in his own found time frame 45 mins. The picture tells everything. Enjoy CRUDEOIL trades.

Ultimate target for CRUDE in the long run is seen as 7299 . Anyone ready for this?! Dont panic. It wont happen soon…